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"Hawaii Disc Golf DiscLamer Disclaimer"

Hawaii Disc Golf would like to 'whole heartedly' and 'with Great Spirit' explicitly express to ALL,

  • "We, the people who do this "Hawaii Disc Golf" information and support thing, are not responsible for how you(yes, you reading this), OR ANYONE ELSE, act, speak, do or present yourself, on or off of the courses or venues listed within this actual virtual realm."

  • "We 'hope and pray' (heretofore known as "H&P"), that as a simple matter of common human decency and "local respec(t)" while playing, you will conduc(t) yourself in a "presentable manner"......as many of our dear aunties and kupuna grandmothers may have taught.

  • "We also "H&P" that while playing at any of the courses or venues displayed within these most fine pages, you will, simply;
    (1)"show great respec(t) and exercise extreme caution and care not to cause harm and/or bodily injury to any/all life forms 'past and present, ie; dead or alive, animal, vegetable, or mineral'".
    (2)strictly adhere to the PDGA Rules;
    (3)follow at least eight or nine of the Ten Commandments*(see note below) ;
    (4)and last but not least, as a matter of course ...........

    *Note(This can be substituted for "knowing most of either one of Torah, Koran, Tao/LaoTsu, Zen/Bhudda, Visnu, Krisna, Yoda, Etcetera, etc....even Athiests can "self" qualify for this one!!")

  • "We "H&P" that you are intelligent enough to heed these simple yet direct words, and also as a matter of course, again, that you clearly understand that we are not responsible for ANY of your, or ANYONE ELSE'S, half-cocked hair-brained Disc Golf or non-Disc Golf schemes, words, or ac(t)(s) on or off of the course(s), on behalf of yourself or any other person or entity, club, oppressive/repressive/aggressive regime, or religion that you may "choose of your own free volition" to associate with or represent."

  • Well, I(Bobby Garner), along with some local and long distance DG friends, having as much fun as is possible as "Hawaii Disc Golf", "H&P" that this whole "lawyers 'might' say it 'might' be good to say it" diatribe takes care of any bobble-headed nincompoops that 'might' try to sue me or possibly others for providing Disc Golf support and info.

    But(and yes, it's a BIG but), since 'ya nevahs know' in what way or how someone may percieve my/our little "virtual realm dedicated to providing accurate DG information", or how someone may ac(t) in public because of, or in response to, their own possibly misguided or misunderstood conceptions or preconceptions, perceptions, or recollections of our simple mission thereof, whereby they knowingly and/or unknowingly, possibly and/or 'actually' commit various ac(t)(s) of known and/or unknown nefarious and/or illegal intent, then, we, Hawaii Disc Golf, by way of this "DiscLamer" by the way, are attempting to relieve ourselves of said 'possible' and/or 'actual' liability(s) which may arise from any crazy/nutso/whacko/out-of-it/illegal ac(t)(s) by persons not associated with us, the Hawaii Disc Golf website.

    So, after all that, if there is anything else you(yes, you still reading this semi-intrigueing and somewhat protecting dialogue) can think of that I may 'been went forget' to say, jus' feel way free to drop a line with any suggestions for keeping the slippery slimy slugs away!

    I even respond to lawyers if they come up with any bright ideas!

    Not all of the above statements are not jokes, so please do not in any way interpret them ALL as such, please.
    (On a funny note, if I remember my "Arithmetic Sentence Structuring(?)" class correctly from school, a negative adjective times a negative noun times a negative adverb equals a positive dangling participle when divided by ALL or one noun(s).......somethin' li' dat.)

    Got IT?

    I "H&P" !

    You have a mind(gratuitous shmoozing...for most of you), so exercise it!

    I believe you've had a better time reading this than most of the other "No-Fun-Here" disclaimers you have possibly and/or probably seen and been a boring part of at other websites.

    It was such much fun dooin' too!


    ALSO REMEMBER, I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY........and that may be why it was such fun.

    Basically, I'm saying, "When playin' a round ANYWHERE, Respec(t) ALL Love, Liberty, Land, Law, and Life".

    As we "H&P" you can tell, "we have BIG Fun! in our hearts", and we "H&P" that you can get the awesome opportunity to come play some memorable DG on the islands!!

    If you have any further questions about what we're doin' out here, or on the "Hawaii Disc Golf" website, or just don't or are incapable of understanding or comprehending what this page is referencing or saying, then, please go get you an attorney to explain it all; or, by any or all available means at your disposal, please don't hesitate to email, call, or send a written inquiry to the service address(') listed at the bottom of every "Hawaii Disc Golf" website page.

    But remember, again, I am not an Attorney, so please do not ask me to answer your "legal questions" and/or settle your divorce/DGWidow problems, and most of all, DO NOT interpret ANYTHING I write or say or do anywhere or anytime in this vast and ever expanding Disc Golf universe as "legal advice".

    Much Aloha to All,
    and Hui Hou(together forward),

    Bobby Garner - Vehement Scotsman
    Founder/Creator- "Hawaii Disc Golf"

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