William Donald ("Don") Blagg is originally from Redding, California, and he migrated to Hawaii in 1979. He is of American Indian and Celtic descent, and those cultures, as well as Hawaiian, are all reflected in his many works.

Don's artistic talents manifest themselves in several mediums; predominately pen and ink drawings and three dimensional wood carvings. A sample of his attention to detail in his pen and ink can be found by clicking here. He has been requested for commissions ranging from structural furniture to structural building ornamentation, and has completed many carvings of various sizes and styles.

He has had several one-man showings of his works on Kauai and Oahu, and has participated in several group showings, while acquiring numerous awards to his credit.

His works are currently available throughout the Hawaiian Islands at renown venues such as "The Bishop Museum", "The Volcano Art Center", Waimea's "The Gallery of Great Things", and of course, here!


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