Help All On The Web By Redirecting GBomber and SpamDexer Links!

Permanently put them "out of business" by using their own methods and practices against them!

This page is solely for the purpose of discouraging the practice of "GoogleBombing".

We take the GoogleBomber's hardwork and trash, and turn it into a universally shared treasure!
....and you can too!

The simple reason for this concept is to nullify the various GoogleBombers' keyword link destinations spidered by Google and other SearchBots.....and it does work!

Other anti-GB efforts have been very successful in targeting individual words, but this new and unique campaign is way more powerful and far reaching in scope because it is the first time an effort has been made to discourage and eliminate ALL SpamDexing and GBombing, and it is the first time a generic ad-free page has been provided for the general public to use for ALL anti-GB redirects!

The idea is that if Moderators and WebMasters pitch in and participate to permanently re-direct to a common generic ad-free destination the GBer's keyword oriented links that get spamdexed into their pages, the net effect is "the GoogleBomber accomplishes nothing for themselves or towards their goal" of raising their or their client's ranking by using the practice....while the campaign and power of the web steadily gets stronger and stronger.

If the offenders want to use the participating Anti-GoogleBombing Campaign forums for their unscrupulous business, it won't work, and ALL their time is for naught. WebMasters and Moderators etc will take the GBer's submissions and point them elsewhere, denying their own indexing and keywording efforts.....while pitching in and contributing to help all others!

AGB linklists could be shared among Moderators/participants and copied from each other's link page(s) in an effort to maintain consistency and make the effort even more powerful.

When many participate to point to a common destination, and maintain a compiled and edited GBer's keyword list and/or various submissions in a side forum/blog/category/page, with an explanation to visitors of what the purpose of this area is, then those keywords and keyword groups become effectively meaningless to the GoogleBomber circuit.

The more WebMasters and Moderators that participate, the stronger it gets!!.....and then the GBombers and SpamDexers will need to go find a non-participating blog or forum where they can "try" to over power the effort, and in the inevitable end, they will need to go find something else to do with their valuable time.

The purpose of this campaign, forum and concept is NOT to increase the participants' rankings etc, but instead to "kill" and negate the GoogleBomber's presence, purpose and function on the web.....permanently.

"We The People".......have the power! turn the tables and let them see how it feels.

If some still try and continue to GBomb AGB participants' pages, then they just have not realized that with every new keyword submission they make into participating forums, then "THE GBer IS WORKING FOR THE AGB EFFORT"!!

This is a most powerful deterrent, if not "the most".

As Moderators and WebMasters that just feel helpless because the only practical option or recourse we have in dealing with these offenders is to delete their many submissions as and when they pour in, or taking the time to track and shut them down individually, instead, with this approach, it feels so very good to just take an extra minute or two to help in stopping the practice everytime a new one arrives!......and we can only imagine how the GBer feels when they see that they have entered an AGB participating site.

If they continue to submit to AGB Campaign sites, they will work "for the people"....instead of "against the people"....while giving us participating folk an outlet and reason to feel better and smile too!

It's just an spread and share with costs nothing to participate......there are no applications or hardware to install...and you can help the whole internet by doing a small part to render GBomber's keywords and link lists useless.

The potential for success is only limited by number of participants!

Use this page's common generic ad-free address of for your redirects.
This page is designed to handle the potential traffic into our Yahoo! Legacy site's powerful servers via contract of real-time broadband traffic scalability and unlimited bandwidth and hitcount.

Basic Setup/Function:
1) Setup your Anti-GoogleBombing Forum or Blog area with an explanation and link list page.
2) After being bombed (you will be if your Forum or Blog is open), move submission(s) to your Anti-GB area, keeping unique keywords intact. Or, to save bandwidth and site storage, just add the links to your explanation page.
3) Change the link destination(most important part)
4) Feel The Power!
We are also providing generic AGB images for download to anyone who wishes to help support the netwide effort.....and to use as a notice to immediately let the GBer know that he is wasting his time and should go elsewhere.

It Really Works!

The image above and the page watermark background is just two of the images available. If you would like the complete zip package which contains all the separate optimized images for black or white backgrounds at sizes of 38x38, 76x76 and 145x145, and a watermak image to be sized and arranged as you see fit, all ready to go for immediate use, then please download the package at (COMING SOON!). Then just pick one to use on your site, referencing the link destination of the image to this page(

This is an excellent way to inform visitors and GBers that yours is an AGB participating website!

You are free to share and re-distribute and modify these AGB image downloads for your own uses towards supporting this AGB Campaign, and in addition, please feel free to copy and use any of the text on the db33/yb3d AGB pages for yours and other AGB Campaign participants under the same terms!

It takes just a few minutes to setup a "basic" AGB area or page for your link list, and just a minute or two to split and/or move the submission whenever a new arrives....but rather suddenly you will start saving time as your list grows, because the number of submissions will drop dramatically as the offenders realize they are wasting their time.

We either delete their post, because we already have their specific keyword(s) referenced/redirected in our AGB forum.....or we add them to the list and redirect them to this page to expand the power.

Either way...they lose...but when many participate to expand their list, we all win!

Remember, "Many Hands Make A Big Job Small!"

Share this idea with other WebMasters and Blog/Forum Managers to help discourage and fight back at the practice of GoogleBombing!

It's a "FreeForAll" concept...turned against the "FreeForAll" business!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at

Example Forum

Thank You! For Your Participation And Support,

db33 Admin

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