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1993 Russian 3 Rouble Ballerina Coin

These coins are very rare, and are limited.

For a brief time in 1993, they were made available by the former USSR for international trade/collector purposes, such as the Kruegerand or American Eagle, and commemorated the anniversary of the Bolshoi Ballet.

The mintage was approx 40,000, not in the millions, with 20,000 being reclaimed by the Russian authorities at the time of their economic collapse(none have been produced since).

They are .900 fine(Russian standards), but each one weighs over one ounce(34.56 grams), meaning that each coin does contain one ounce of pure silver. These coins are not being sold for their silver value, and are only being sold for their numismatic/collectors value.

All are sealed in the original "Moscow Mint" plastic packaging, and will come with a copy of original mint documents shipped with this lot.

These few remaining coins are currently available for $49 each, and this price is subject to change.
These are offered by an individual collector. Serious Inquiries Only, Dealers OK.(scratches in images are due to reflections from Mint Sealed packaging, coins do not contain scratches)

If you are interested in owning an important piece of history, then send E-mail to: coins@orb3d.com

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