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Ahoy! and Welcome to, home of "Cap'n Peter's Old Salt Adventures!" You are invited to come along and join "Cap'n Peter" as he explores far away lands and exotic places of intrique around the globe. His 40+ years of sea faring travels span the "Seven Seas" and beyond, and now extends to cruising the American continent on his land-yacht "My Honey". Over time he has gathered quite a few "Old Salt Tales" of his lifelong experiences, and it's his distinct pleasure to share them with you!pad

      To learn more about "Cap'n Peter" and his many adventures just explore the links below....

 Explore With Cap'n Peter   Recent Journeys
Cap'n Peter is out on his North American Continent tour!

Jump on board and cruise along!

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 Check Out Cap'n Peter's Past Adventures!
Old Salt Tales
Come explore stories and experiences of Hawaii as a TourGuide / Sailor / BoatBuilder and more!

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 Find Restuarants and Refuge At Some Of Cap'n Peter's Favorite Spots   Accommodations
& Recommendations
If you need a little rescue, Cap'n Peter can help! He's navigated extreme waters, and can help guide you to rest and relaxation......

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 See The Sights With Cap'n Peter Imagery & Photos
Cap'n Peter has traveled to many lands and far away seas, capturing the unique sights in photos and drawings.

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