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ALL "Orb" maintained content is redundantly stored and transferred on the "finest" servers and network backbones in the industry. Providing rock solid security, "ultra fast" downloads, and minimal downtime, ALL members' sites are maintained at the "Highest of Standards".

Your investment will go farther with Orb3d's experience, knowledge, services, and professional appearance to support you.

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Friends: $25 a month, up to 7 pages. Includes one image and small-text revision(100 words or less) per month, quarterly statistics report, and 3 forwarding e-mail addresses.

Clients: $60 a month, up to 25 pages. Includes three image and one med-text revision(250 words or less) per month, monthly statistics report, and 10 forwarding e-mail addresses.

Associates: $125 a month, 75 pages, separate "SearchEngine" listings, "Domain Search" feature, detailed monthly statistics report, 20 forwarding e-mail addresses, one hour per month "FREE Consultations", and "Enhanced Promotions" as a "Star Site".

StoreFront Capabilities: Contact us for current rates. Requested database changes(product/price listing changes) quoted on an individual basis. Contact Orb3d for information.

E-Commerce/Online Credit/Debit Card Processing: We can provide a "safe and secure" range of e-Commerce solutions designed to meet your specifications.

Enhanced Promotions: Don't need a new site, but need some expanded exposure, or some really cool graphics? How about a new logo, or a sweet little animation for that "special project"? Let our 25+ years of computer graphics and information marketing experience work for you! Then contact us today about

Page Development: $300 and up for Standard "Orb" opening page(includes your "custom Orb3d" logo, and one enhanced/custom image per page), $65 for each additional page.

Pricing: All above pricing (subject to change).

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