Yb3d you ask?

Well, with over fourteen billion(14,000,000,000) web pages on the InterNet, it's harder than ever to make your business "stand out", so it's vitally important for us to make your site as easy to find as possible.

Therefore, after much consideration of our commitment to the "Highest of Standards" available to our Members and their visitors, we have whole heartedly decided to change our name to something that would be a little easier for ALL to remember.....Yb3d.com.

Because Orb3d.com is an established name and respected hosting site, we will continue to maintain the Orb3d.com domain name address, along with Yb3d.com, through the end of 2001, and possibly.........

Also, in keeping with our commitment to our Members' endeavors, we wish to make this transition as smooth as possible for ALL, and invite any comments, questions, or suggestions.

We sincerly appologize for any inconvienence(s) or confusion that this may cause, and rest assured that this will improve everyone's web presence currently maintained by Orb3d.com......oops.....Yb3d.com.

Please send ALL correspondence regarding this transition directly to me,

or write to:

Attn: Transition
POBox 129
Kaimu Hawaii USA 96778
Ph. 808.965.1377

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Bobby Garner- Orb3d.com and Yb3d.com

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