We have discovered that there is DG happening again at Kona's Old Airport State Park, so we are republishing this page and information we had previous, until which time we are notified with mo' bettahs and/or accurate information.

From what we understand, the information below may not be valid or correct.....but it's what we have at this time that came previously from the Castaway Club cohort and Kona Disc Golf Association Member Doug MacIlroy.

We have been notified from outside sources that currently the course may not be around the jogging area, but instead plays along the beach.......so no matter where you possibly get to play,
we hope you will respect ALL other park users and visitors.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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Kona's Old Airport...Old "A"

Kona's Old Airport Disc Golf Course, or, 'Old A' is 6600 feet long, par 72 and is heavily penal in areas near several holes. The terrain is mulch covered lava or bunchgrass covered lava for about 60 percent of the holes. Six holes are played over grass and trees much like Wailoa minus the water. We think it will challenge golfers, in fact, we know it will, and because rocky lava outcroppings similar to Mackenzie exist, it will slowly chew up your plastic over time.

The course record is -21, or simply, three under the standard par 54 type scoring system. Should be easy for anyone to make their mark on it, and we look forward to seeing you.

Please note that the "Old A" course is situated on and around a section of the Old Airport State park that is primarily dedicated to walking and jogging. Walkers and Joggers are the primary users and Disc Golfers are asked to maintain a tight reign on their throws when traffic dictates. Patience during peak usage hours is important.

Kona Disc Golf Association members have cultivated a respect for the game among many of the patrons of the walking path and we ask that visitors to the course help to keep it that way. As always, be courteous and polite, be helpful by explaining the game, and of course, always wait for "open windows" between walkers before teeing off. We've been at it for almost a year, so people are familiar with the sight of discs flying through the air.

Tee boxes and pins are marked clearly and once you have been around the course one time you can usually play unassisted. A course map is coming soon!

Regular rounds are played Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:30 PM sharp, and we meet at the north end of the walking track. Look for fellow disc golfers warming up on the grass.

See you there!

For more information and possibly a guided golfing introduction please contact:
Doug MacIlroy 808-895-3322

To learn more about Kona's Old Airport Disc Golf Course via E-mail, contact "Doug" at: macilroyd001@hawaii.rr.com

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