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Hawaii Disc Golf Delivers!!

Hawaii Disc Golf "Custom" and Factory Disc Golf Products and Merchandise can now be "safely" purchased online!
(see merchandise links below)

We supply quality name-brand custom disc sports products from the state of Hawaii direct to you!

Our decades of production and assistance in "World Class" DG Promotions, Commercial/Tournament Art, Ad Marketing Campaigns/Productions and Merchandising since 1989 gives us a focused and powerful perspective in the Sport.

We offer cool, unique, "limited" and first run Professional Level Quality Products from Global Manufacturers and Suppliers such as Discraft, LittleFlyers, Lightning, Gateway, Innova and more!

...with additional island Spirit, Mana and Aloha included at No Charge!!

Explore, Pick-up and Share some special and limited island oriented gifts and merchandise below!

Hawaii Disc Golf Products: Golf DiscsHawaii Disc Golf Products: Golf Discs
Mini Discs/Markers

For more information about availability of specific or bulk item(s)call Contact Us!...or call 808.965.1377

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