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2009 Big Island Open - Hawaii Castaways Disc Club

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Flyin' Hawaiian Open
Below are links to the Official PDGA Results of past sanctioned events in Hawaii. The PDGA also includes schedule(s), player listings/ratings/etc, course and tourney classes/ratings....and all kinds of good general information and history about the fast growing sport.
  • 2007 Hawaii State Championships - RESULTS

  • 2006 PDGA Maui Open - OFFICIAL RESULTS

  • 6/24/06 "2006 PDGA Maui Open" - UNOFFICIAL RESULTS

  • 2006 PDGA Big Island Open

  • 2006 PDGA ZoneDrive Hawaii Open

  • 1/22/05 "5th ZoneDriven Hawaii State DGC's"

  • 1/24/04 "Big Island Open"

  • 1/17/04 "4th Zonedriven Hawaii State DGC's"

  • 1/18/03 "3rd Zonedriven Hawaii State DGC's"

  • 5/4/02 "Big Island Open"

  • 3/2/02 "2nd Zonedriven Hawaii State DGC's"

  • 2/25/01 "Big Island Open"

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