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Hawaii PDGA Tournament Sponsors
      Below are links to the Sponsors of local happenin's and past Official PDGA sanctioned events in Hawaii. As we all appreciate, because of their gracious continuing support, opportunities to play in sanctioned and casual events locally can grow further, so we ask you to check out, explore, and support the links below.


 The Educational Disc Golf Experience (E.D.G.E.) WebSite

 Millennium Golf Discs WebSite
Millennium Discs


 Circular Productions WebSite Circular Productions
padSince the 80's, Circular Productions has been a trend setting leader in the promotion and support of disc golf worldwide. John Houck, a 2 time World FreeStyle Champion and past PDGA Commissioner, has over time gained a solid reputation of initiating installation and support of more courses than anyone else, specializing in Course Design and Major Event Promotion. If you want to know how it's done right, check out Circular Productions!pad

 Disc Golf Association WebSite Disc Golf Association
padTHIS IS IT! This is where it all started. DGA® was founded in 1975 by "Steady" Ed Headrick, "Inventor of the Modern Frisbee/FlyingDisc", Founder of the PDGA(#001),inventor of various disc/Frisbee devices, equipment, and games, recipient of many awards including several patents related to aerodynamics, and just an all around fun-loving intelligent being. Ed's presence is greatly missed, yet his "Spirit" happily lives and leads us on as DGA® remains the leading manufacturer of Disc Golf equipment for the sport of Disc Golf.pad

 Discraft Discs WebSite Discraft Discs
padDiscSports product manufacturer and distributor.pad

 The Educational Disc Golf Experience (E.D.G.E.) WebSite The Educational Disc Golf Experience (E.D.G.E.)
padNon-profit organization dedicated to bringing the disc golf experience into schools around the world. "The future is HERE!"pad

 Gateway Disc Sports WebSite Gateway Disc Sports WebSite
padDiscSports product manufacturer and distributor.pad

 Hawaii Castaways Disc Club WebSite Hawaii Castaways Disc Club

 Honolulu Disc Golf Association WebSite Honolulu Disc Golf Association

 Innova Champion Discs WebSite Innova Champion Discs
pad#1 in Disc Golfpad

 Lightning Golf Discs WebSite Lightning Golf Discs
padLightning Discs is one of the oldest manufacturers of Disc Golf supplies and merchandise.pad

 Millennium Golf Discs WebSite Millennium Golf Discs
padDiscSports product manufacturer and distributor.pad

 NorCal  Series WebSite NorCal Series
padThe NorCal Series Tour is one of the finest and oldest Tours in DG.pad

 Zone Driven Sports WebSite ZoneDriven Sports
padZoneDriven Sports is the driving force behind the United States Disc Golf Championships, and a leading supporter of the Professional Disc Golf Tour. In addition, ZoneDriven has sponsored the Hawaii State DGC's since inception, along with many other disc sporting events in Hawaii.pad


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