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Since inception, it's been Hawaii Disc Golf's simple mission to provide Disc Golf answers and information while sooooooo many others refuse and request silence.

After recieving much conflicting PoliPoli information from various PDGA State Reps for 17 years, Hawaii Disc Golf is continuing its exhaustive efforts to discover precisly what the "public" and/or "private" participation stance for all Park visitors and/or DGers actually is.

In August 2012, our Founder (Bobby Garner, PDGA#5714), was unexpectedly elected PDGA State Coordinator for State of Hawaii, after not running. He accepted the position and was sworn on Sept. 1

Because others may be wondering what DG has been going since the 1980s at PoliPoli, and because very little accurate "course location information" is published or accurately described in various public and PDGA Discussion Forums, Maui Disc Golf Web and other local DG oriented Web Presences, and because the PDGA's own DGWN Magazine article instructed people to contact Steve Welck for Maui course contact/access information, yet he and Alan Schwartz(PDGA State Coord) have since 1999 demanded I/we/HDG/Friends/SomeOthers not share Poli info, and because both the current and past PDGA State Coordinators and latest PDGA Maui Event TDs and participants are requesting limited information distribution and discussions about course location, then, we are publishing information according to the best of our own personal recollections, according to the imagery of visitors and locals at PDGA and other websites, according to terrain descriptions portrayed at various websites, and with the assistance of

These various recollections and publications by many others seem to be in direct conflict with where the DLNR is saying at this time the course is and has been located.....and so we are communicating with all claimed leaders to get clarification for the consumption of the general public......after what may be more than a quarter century without such.

We have recognised the "need" for public information out here since arriving in '99 and being told the PDGA would not work out and other things, so we immediately decided to form the all inclusive Hawaii Disc Golf entity in an order to help unify the clearly devisive and non-communicating positions of individual clubs, islands and factions, and to provide simple usefull information to the general public.

We don't know why others are encouraged and applauded for promoting PoliPoli and displaying pictures and information, while we are requested not to since our inception.

Maybe "someday" we can talk about PoliPoli without negative repercussions against myself(PDGA#5714), landowner, visitors, Hawaii Disc Golf, DLNR, PDGA, innocent and everchanging TD's, etc.

The current PDGA State Coordinator for Hawaii resides on Maui and is named Steve Welck. The previous PDGA State Coordinator also lives on Maui and was in control of courses, events, information etc pertaining to PoliPoli and exclusive PDGA events for years, and is named Alan Schwartz.

Since 1999, both have been reluctant to respond to our requests to publish their extended contact information, or photos/bios etc, or provide further information regarding "who" makes the final call on access and control of the private "World Class" disc golf course located in PoliPoli State Park.

They have promoted and spoken of and written about and kept quiet this course for so many years....while being ohhh soo proud of their "private" and restricting endeavors.

We have always let it be known that we are willing to assist and list the various sponsors and coordinators for events out here, but because of so many others requesting limited information distribution regarding PoliPoli and other courses and events, we have concerns pertaining to the potential fraudulent actions of them asking Sponsors for monetary and other support in return for "public exposure". It does not seem right to us to ask people for money, with reasurrances and claims of extended promotion....only to turn around and try and limit information and keep the event quiet.

We can only imagine how much better DG would have been out here all these years if the leaders had just devoted their proud and valuable time energy and effort into "public" courses, events, information, communication, etc.....instead of stifling, excluding, hushing, etc.

DG iz az DG duz.

PoliPoli Course Map - Here's a handy course map to assist first timers to the park. It was provided by PDGA State Coordinator, Alan Schwartz, for the 2001 inaugural PDGA/USDGC Qualifier.

Stay tuned to Hawaii Disc Golf for further "exclusive" disc golf information!pad

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 PoliPoli Springs State Park - announced for years it was a "private" course where the guys would meet on weekends for a round or two. In late June of 2006, when seeking information from DLNR, after seeking information from locals and PDGA Reps since '99, it has come to our and others' attention that the course may have in fact existed on "public" land for many years. We hope to have this resolved soon, after 17 years of effort.

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padThese are past links that are seemingly now defunct.

Kaanapali - In early May 2007, the PDGA State Coordinator Steve Welck stated, "We also have a new course for public play in Kaanapali taking shape on Airport Beach."

"Kapalua" Lahaina, Hawaii - July 2008, In development. Kapalua Adventures

Maui Lani - According to the Maui Weekly article of 02/22/07,, and in contrast to what Steve Welck was providing us, it seems that the guys had been playing at Maui Lani Park for more than a year.

"The Gulch" Makawao, Hawaii - April/May 2008, FlyingDisc Magazine pg.10 - The "Lizards" on Maui share some cool pictures of the PDGA 2006 ZoneDriven Hawaii State Championship. Checkout the many shots from the PoliPoli forest and above the paragliders!

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