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Mackenzie State Park

This course was "Thick, tightly packed, and sticky", but has been thinned out and expanded recently by the Castaways DG Club for their "exclusive" tourneys and events!....with the ongoing approval and assistance of the Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources over the years!

There are at least 27 holes laid out in the park, (that's 9 new holes!) wandering all back and around sacred Conservation areas....so tell all of your friends about the obvious concerted effort that has occurred!

Located on the spectacular Red Road along the rugged Puna Coast, this object course will challenge you in many ways.

You'll soar with the steady Easterly trade winds(generally 10-20mph) buffeting up the cliffsides and into the sea caves, following the undulating course through Ironwoods and coconut palms, along incredible black lava pali(cliff) edges where waves can splash 30+ feet overhead as the ground gets shook below, encountering active steam-vents, respecting sacred petroglyph sites, over ancient lava tubes(sometimes in!!)........all the while on a nice deep layer of evergreen needles.

The course should be described as tight and technical, with few big heizer bombs available. The ocean cliff edges can bring water into play on 8 of the 27 holes, and 2 holes do allow you to "bomb" out over the hungry pounding surf......if you really want to. Some do.....and some don't!

It's truly a mental and physical challenge for all to enjoy!!

Casual mini events are held every Thursday at 4:00pm, with tee time at 4:20, and every Sunday at 9:00am, tee-time of 9:30.

The "BIG FUN! Mackenzie Monthly" is held on the 1st Sunday of every month at 9:00am, with a start time of 9:30. Sponsor Awards/Disc Merchandize (Discs,Hats,T-Shirts, DiscTowels, Collared and SweatShirts,etc) from such supporters as "Circular Productions", "Hawaii Disc Golf", and others, are presented to the Amatuer winner of the Mackenzie Monthly by HawaiiDiscGolf.

At PDGA sanctioned events, the Recreational and Amatuer divisions play for prizes, while the Pros play for a ca$h purse, with more than 100% payout to ALL DIVISIONS!

Compared to other Big Isle courses, the course is somewhat short, but plays tough, so this is a GREAT place for beginners/novices to learn about the sport, and for all to improve their tight/technical game.

We would like to remind everyone that the Park is in a designated "Conservation Disctrict" by the Hawaii DLNR, and should naturally be treated with "great respec(t)" by ALL visitors.

Camping at Mackenzie IS permitted! ......while "Golfins with Dolphins" and "Tails of Whales" is sometimes happenin'!!

We hope you'll join us for some "BIG FUN!" on the Big Island!..........That's Big Island Golfin' FUN!!

To find out more about Disc Golf at Mackenzie
just E-mail Bobby Garner - PDGA #5714 at:
or call 808.965.1377

MapQuest! Driving Map - MapNote: After MapQuest site loads, "ZOOM" in 1 level, Mackenzie State Park is the green shaded area on shoreline just NE of Opihikao stretching all the way to Poihiki. Highway 137, a.k.a. "Red Road" and "Kalapana/Kapoho Road", is narrow and beautiful, with the park entrance clearly marked, so take your time, check out the sites, and enjoy the ride. The park is primitive and secluded, with no water or facilities, so come prepared. GPS Latitude: 19.4391 - Longitude: -154.8645

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