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padMackenzie, Wailoa, Waimea, Kona, Manuka?

We've heard through the coconut wireless and local club and PDGA Members about a nice course at Waimea Elementary School since arriving....but have never been invited to play or participate after asking many.

We hope others have not experienced the same.

NEWS FLASH: We hear that Kona's Old Airport may have been open for some contact the Castaways to discover more hidden secrets and treasures they may have stashed away! Here's an old page from many years ago that we tucked away after being informed that the Kona Old Airport Park disc golf course was shut down. We don't know how accurate the info is today.....but it's what others are willing to share in the past. If you know different...then just send us a message in a bottle(so to speak), and we'll share the spoils with everyone!

Kona Old Airport
Kopua Disc Golf Course - Mountain Viewpad

  The Big island Scene.... 

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 Mackenzie State Park Mackenzie State Park
padPuna Coastpad
 Wailoa State Park Wailoa State Park

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Hawaii Disc Golf - We're in beautiful and lush Kaimu Puna along the south east coast, just a few miles from the active flows!....and only about a 600ft par 3 from a nice blacksand beach.

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